About Us

COMEPAL SA is a company founded in 1984, since its founding has been dedicated to supplying new and recycled pallets for all types of industries.

We have two facilities, one to manufacture new pallets and other to repair used pallets.

Comepal 1

Manufacture of new pallets

In Comepal one, we have an automatic pallet nail for what we can produce different sizes according to customer needs.

  • - We are approved by the APME for manufacturing chemical pallet.
  • - We manufacture custom pallets.
  • - We study customer needs and we indicate more appropriate pallet.
  • - We have ISPM15 requirement.

Oficines Centrala Comepal

Comepal 2

Recycling and recovery of pallets

In Comepal two, we have material needed for recovery, selection and shredding pallets.

Comepal2 22